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A Study: Character of Godly Men

"Let God Be Your Mentor."

As a society we are entralled with knowing and studying the lives of successful people. Those who do much and accomplish great things. Books are written about them, we study their businesses and their habits to get insite on how to become better oursevles. We hire coaches to help stretch our minds and become accountable.

And, while these things are good, are we, as Men of God, taking full advantage of our most powerful mentor and resource - God and His Word?

I feel I'm the biggest skeptic.

I know the Word is timeless and has power, but I often get "turned off" with the religious answer to things.

As a young professional in my 20's I discounted the man who when I asked his most influential books gave me only "The Bible." This is a problem and issue with my perspective. It could be a product of society or even growing up in a Christian home with a dad in ministry.

Years ago I met a man who gave me a challenge that has stuck with me ever since. " Let God be your mentor."Not knowing what to do with that, I just put it aside.

In 2015 as my oldest son approached his 13 year old birthday, I considered what I could do as a father to prepare my son for manhood. What were the characturs of a man he should know and build into his life? That question reflected back on me and I began the study of the Bible in a new way. Seeking just one thing - The characture of men recorded in the Bible.

What had been said about their lives?

What traits were common?

What action was seen as righteous?

This study lasted nearly daily for two years and I stopped at Job to go back and share details on my findings. Check the Chategory: Charature of Godly Men to see these insights and timeless truths.