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Coward or Courageous

In the book, What is God Really Like, Francis Chan recounts the story of Caleb. At the age of 40 he enters a foreign land as a scout and although the others with him are afraid, he is not because his strength comes from God.

Then 45 years later, at the ripe old age of 85, he gets his chance and he is just as resilient.

Caleb was ready for battle at 40 yrs old. He trusted God, but he had to wander in the desert and wait another 45 years because of other people’s unbelief!

Some would say that wasn’t fair or right. Others may have turned their back on God saying,

“ I was ready, I trusted you, and you put me in the wilderness!!”

But Caleb kept his resolve, his courage, his strength, his faith. Then at 85 years old he gets he gets the land God promised him, and it says that his descendants followed his example and followed God.

Coward or Courageous?

Why do we fear when God says have no fear? Id suggest its because we don’t trust God. The reason we don’t trust God is possibly because our ‘God” is too small.

Have you tested Him?

Has He tested you?

What is causing fear in you today?

Why are you not doing the things you know you should do?

If you are going through a difficult time now, (and maybe for you it has seemed to have been going on for years) are you growing into the person He is wanting you to be?

In 2008, I firmly believe that God used the economic crash to alter the direction of my life because He wanted something different for me.

The five years that followed were filled with struggle:

  • Emotionally

  • Relationally

  • Spiritually

  • And of course Financially.

But, my perspective changed.

My mindset changed.

My faith changed.

I'm thankful for those years, because the person I am today would not be so without that experience, challenge, perspective, and struggle.

Why does God allow things to happen in our life?

  • Death

  • Financial hardship

  • Broken relationships

I’d have you consider that it is because. 1) We live in an imperfect World

AND 2) He wants our courage, our strength, our perspective to be on Him alone.

What are your Giants? What is your Wilderness?

Where is God working to change your mindset?

Where is your perseverance being tested?

You have a choice: Coward or Courage.

Choose courage. Don’t lose heart. Be like Caleb.

Live a Legacy,

Eric Taylor Nurmi