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Not Receiving Benefit from Your Effort? “Good.” Here’s Why...

We expect certain outcomes from our hard work. But sometimes, when we put our heart and soul into something, there are no results. Other times we see the results and benefit of that hard work. But, then there are times when you do the work, see the results, but don’t get the benefit of that work. When that happens;

What is your reaction?

What are your feelings?

How does that effect how you show up?

Over the past year I have seen, for the first time, massive results from work I have done but the benefit not reaching my company or me. It has been frustrating and angering at times. I’ve felt betrayed and used.

However, I have tried to take a different approach to my reaction to those feelings than I would have in the past.

A retired Navy Seal Officer, Jacko Willink, talks about a guy under him who would often come to him with problems. One day this guy comes to him with a problem and says,

“I know what you are going to say…You are going to say “GOOD.” You always say “Good.”

Jacko goes on to discuss how being able to say “Good.” in the face of adversity gives you a framework and mindset to see the positive in a bad situation, and the resolve to move forward to the next thing.

So, I have come to practice two things when my hard works does not pay off the way I expect it to:

  • I say, "Good", and look to the reasons why it is or could be Good.

  • Remind my self that God has what is best for me. And that is also why it is "Good."

For you, what's not going right currently? What areas are you feeling knocked down, stabbed in the back, or the wind kicked out of you?

Consider the word and mindset of “GOOD” to learn, grow, and see an even better opportunity had the circumstances been the way you originally planned.

Live a LEGACY,

Eric Taylor Nurmi -

P.S. Here is an excerpt of the Jacko Podcast on “Good.”