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A Decade of Reflection

"Our GOD is 

too BIG, too GOOD 

to Not Live Life  LARGE."

These words were spoken by Stephen Reed just days before he died at the age of 29. At that time in my life, I was near the end of the best year in business, had taken two months off to travel with my family, and was running an impactful non-profit in Haiti and Peru.

But these word haunted me. The haunted me because I knew I was holding back. I was playing it too safe. I was living life for me.

About ten years earlier I witnessed two men from my real estate firm die within 2 years of retirement. One sold his mountain home to finally live on the water. The other had moved closer to his kids and grandkids. Their deaths reminded me of my own loss of grandparents, specifically my grandfather who died at 60 when I was just 5 years old.

Milestones in life are important. For me, it seems that at least every decade, causes me to pause, look back and vision forward with more intensity. How am I living a legacy today?

Legacy is often thought about what we leave when we die. But, I challenge you to think of it as something we build today. It is what we are living that we are passing on in the present.

How about you?

Do you know you are playing safe? 


Are you aching inside because you know you are not living life large?

Do you want clarity on how to Live a Legacy?


If so, Let's Talk!

What You Can Expect



Coaching is a process that allows you to gain clarity and actionable direction for outcomes that make a difference to you and your needs. Although consulting may come out naturally through the process, coaching walks you through steps that you discover are important to you.


Throughout the coaching relationship accountability is provided to make sure you execute on the items you have chosen to accomplish. Think of me as your workout partner. For me, I am more committed when I have someone who is meeting me at the gym. Same goes for life.


Results happen when we get out of the weeds enough to see and focus on what is important. When we execute on the important, we gain traction and and obtain outcomes that matter. 

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Meet Eric

The combination of two men is how Eric describes himself: his grandfather, R.C. "Bud" Taylor was a serial entrepreneur who went from a poor farmer to multi-millionaire business owner and real estate developer, and his father, Paul Nurmi, who was in vocational ministry impacting lives in both the US and around the world, but who also was intentional about creating memories with his kids.

Eric believes our story and legacy matter and he seeks to help others take their skills, resources, and passions to create greater impact.

At a young age Eric saw how people outside of vocational ministry helped his father's work as a missionary, and today he sees business as a tool to make impact for The Kingdom.

A father of four, Eric has a passion for what he sees as his greatest coaching and mentoring responsibility - his kids. By creating unique experiences age-based challenges he seeks to groom his kids to be leaders. He has a desire to help other fathers to do the same.

As a certified coach, sales and marketing professional, and business operator and investor, Eric has a passion for impact both in business and in faith. Eric wants to see you "Live A Legacy"TM for a purpose and growth today and impact for the future.

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